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"the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> unfortunately, rather than an orderly and lawful process, repeated leaks of classified information have initiated the debate in a very passionate but not always fully informed way. >> barack obama faces the press corps as his administration fights battles on several fronts. we'll grade the president's performance. >> i have broccoli a lot. me and broccoli, we got a thing going. >> late night tv appearances, frequent golf outings, posh vacations, all fodder for conservative critics of the president. are they just turning up the
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public by nitpicking the small stuff? we'll have a debate. i understand that your child and i have to co-exist in this city but perhaps you can take him somewhere else more appropriate for a happy meal so i could have a happy one. >> and a food fight between parents and restaurants who are saying no to kids. we'll talk to a mom who is none too pleased. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi. i'm in for bill o'reilly. you know him. the president and the public. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. obama can be an aloof salesman who is not even sold on his own product. he is selling used pintos but he really wants to push jaguars.
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go him. it is hard to lead when you dislike the thing you lead. we need to admit this sobering fact, he is not that into us, the u.s. was he ever? let's face it, we aren't cool enough, we aren't progressive enough, we cone like the same music, we hate obamacare, we don't watch front line with clooney, we are the clumsy oafs for all that's wrong with the world and he hates that it hurts his popularity. it is why he hates these press conferences. he is thinking, could i really need to talk to these people? he wants to roll with a better crowd. and i'm fine with him seeing better people if it gets him out of the house more. that's the memo. tonight the president held his third solo news conference of the year where he was questioned about the nsa, benghazi, russia, and immigration reform. he was most passionate when attacking republicans over obamacare. >> at least they used to say, we'll replace it with something better. there is not even a pretense now
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that they'll replace it with something better. the notion is simply that those 30 million people, or the 150 million benefiting from the other aspects of affordable care will be better off without it. >> joining us now, the co-host of the five, dana perino. you used to be press secretary for president bush. and after his press conference you would give him a critique. you would go into the oval office. he would try get to you to leave because you're very, very annoying. there's you. you look very different. what did you do? what would you tell president obama if you were going to the oval office about this particular press conference? >> well, a trip down memory lane. i love press conference day. i love to prepare for a press conference i love to prepare somebody else to answer questions. then afterwards, i would usually go in and say, well, sir, i thought it was great.
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there is just one little thing. and today for president obama, i would have said, i think, sir, this proved you should do these more often. you dominate the room. you came across as confident and calm and you addressed the issues. the one thing that i thought was unfortunately for him, the headline that's going to come out of this was his partisan attack on republicans on obamacare. >> you're like the lieutenant columbo of press secretaries. everything is fine. i just have one more thing and the one more thing ends up getting everybody arrested. you had your best moments, your worst moments. let me ask you what the best moment was. >> i thought he was humble at the beginning when he was talking about the nsa program, what he called a phony scandal. the tang has been phony. that makes him two weeks later, headline a news conference with changes. >> i think we have a shot. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. as i said in my opening remarks, i called for a thorough review
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of our surveillance operations before mr. snowden made these leaks. my preference, and i think the american people's preference, would have been for a lawful, orderly examination of these laws. a thoughtful, fact-based debate that would then lead us to a better place. >> he uses so much jarring an, it is incredible. i mean -- >> i wrote that down in my notes. we think so much alike. when you talk about the i see and the ct, intelligence community and counter terrorism. he could talk you to death. >> it's amazing. i think that's what he tried to do. here's the thing that drove me nuts about that. he is talking about moving the debate forward and it is not a response to snowden and how he had these ideas before the snowden's leak. baloney, this is because of
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snowden, correct? >> there is no other explanation. i guess what he was trying to do is say technology is changing so we have to keep up with the times. do i think that with the patriot act that passed 97-0 in a couple years ago, was there any intention of changing the patriot act before ed snowden came out with his leaks? i don't think so. i think the remedy president obama talked about is a little bit, it is weak tea. people are thinking, really? we're going to create a website and there's going to be a board and they're going to look at this? for somebody who has defended the president on the program, i think that his comments were measured but they were smart. i don't know if it will answer the mail for people concerned about looking into their mail. >> as you know, i'm very skeptical of snowden. president obama could have come out earlier and confronted these issues earlier. now i think he is just playing -- >> it's about three weeks too late. >> and people don't trust him anymore. and the other thing that bothers me about this snowden thing,
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they spend a lot of time talking about snowden and russia which is connected to th which he denies the connection. what you don't hear about, you get one question on benghazi. you get nothing on the irs. nothing on the doj. nothing on gas prices. gas prices. so in a weird way, this whole controversy over the nsa has benefited the president in a big way, don't you think? >> it seems like that's always the case. they lead a charmed life. he is very charming. to some of the reporters he is great. for inside the beltway questions are fine. but no one mentions the irs and that is the biggest scandal. the last time we saw president obama in the east room when he was giving remarks was when he called the emergency announcement that he was going to look into the outrageous behavior that was alleged against the irs. and since then, all you hear is that the scandal is phony. >> i want to bring up your worst moment. >> so the worst moment for me was when president obama, on a roll, right? actually the headline will be,
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president obama reassures the nation that no one is looking into their e-mails. everybody, don't look at this. then ed henry of fox news asked about benghazi and obamacare. very cleverly asked a two-part question. and president obama instead of being at least continued to be measured, he went straight for the partisan jugular and said something that i think will come back to hahn him. >> let's hear that. >> i think the really interesting question is, why it is that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy guardrail. their number one priority. the one unifying principal in the republican party at the s making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. >> so president obama said he will not indulge anybody and talk about hypotheticals but he has no problem with hyperbole.
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that 70% of people don't want i, want it to be repealed, don't believe it will help them in the furkt aren't buying that they're getting rebates. every other story their premiums are going up. it is attach to believe republicans want 30 million people to go without health insurance. >> i do. i'm a rotten person. the other ploy about, this he keeps asking republicans for a program. republicans don't make programs. they rely on privatization and competition. so it is a ploy to say where's your program when we're saying the free market, the free market, the free market. >> see you, don't need me. that was in my notes, too. about how president obama would think the plan was to allow more competition because he doesn't believe that would help. >> i had the nsa tap into your computers and i got all your notes. thank you. give my best to the dog. next, both sides will react to the president's news conference. and sweating the small stuff. are conservatives missing an
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opportunity by hammering obama on petty issues? 7k
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continuing with our lead story, reaction to president obama's press conference. with us, strategist brad blakeman. so, how would you grade the president's performance, an a plus or an a plus, plus? >> i would give him a b, right? i'm really happy with the immigration rhetoric and the obamacare rhetoric. not so great on the nsa rhetoric. >> what did not you like? >> i'm be interested in what he thinks about edward snowden as a person. i don't care if he thinks he is a patriot or not. i care about government spying and the reforms he is talking about in the beginning were way more important than what he thinks about him being a good guy. who cares? >> i guess he was asked if he was a patriot which i thought
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was a fair question. what do you make of this? do you agree with her? >> no. as a college professor i'm very tough with grades. i would give him a solid d. here's the reason. this was not a news conference. there was really no news other than we're going to the olympics. if it wasn't for bad news, obama doesn't make news. not making news is actually a plus for this president. the fact that he had it on a friday in august at 3:00, please. this was more of an appeasement to the press core for the jay leno appearance than it was the necessity of having a press conference on friday. >> you're saying that by having the press conference at 3:00 p.m. instead of earlier when we could all go home and go to the barering should be impeached. >> you know, that's not a bad idea. >> come on! >> that would be phony. what did you make of the whole putin stuff? he was talking about the relationship with putin and not having anything to do with snowden. you could smell that baloney. >> right. i don't buy it. but i think that again, going
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back to the really important part of what he is talking about, the nsa spying. we all care about that. with the story, i was shocked that everyone was acting like this was news. we knew that the government was doing this since they first passed the patriot act all through the bush years. i want to know how he was talking about transparency. i want to know about that. i want to make sure there are checks and balances in place. >> why do you think did he the press conference? is it because of the mounting pressures of the nsa or because he's going away? >> i think the reason he did it is to appease the white house press corps who feel like they were disrespected by going on jay leno and actually made news. he made news about terrorism on a comedy show. >> i think they ask better questions than the white house press corps. >> and the nicest thing he said about putin was, we don't have a bad relationship. yet he called him the kid had a slumps in the back of a ram in a classroom. is that what you say to a peer? >> he's right though.
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>> what did you think of the metaphor that he used when he was -- should america trust the nsa and what they're doing? he compared to it doing dishes. >> that was no good. he struggled when he goes off the cuff sometimes. he was talking about the elephant with the legs. it was a lot of things. i was like, that was not the most effective metaphor. the point is that we do need more information about this and i'm glad that he put forth four things. whether or not you agree that those are the best four ways to tackle this, at least they're trying. >> but brad, let me ask you this. he goes over the surveillance programs. these new measures. there are four of them. a lot of jargon in there. i feel like this is somewhat of a relief because you avoid some of the more visceral, immediate problems in the united states. one i keep talking about is gas prices. the pipeline, these are things he doesn't have to talk about and i know people get tired of hearing about benghazi? what about benghazi? we have one question and then
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the irs scandal which is huge. he gets a pass on all this stuff. >> he does. but he gets a pass because the people asking the questions and not demanding the follow-up of him to respond. let me tell you something. this president has led a charmed life with the people who created him and that's the media. if they continue to give him the kind of passes that he's been entitled to, you get what you pay for. but you get a press conference where there's no news. >> you were sheiaking your head. >> the american people created this president. change you can believe in. the media didn't create president obama. >> you think people accept the hope and change that they've been given under this president? the people that supported him the most are the ones hurting the most in this economy. >> yes. i want him to talk about jobs. i certainly think he needs to do more on that. we've come a long way. the economic indicators are improving. one thing i want to go back to, the media did not create this president. grassroots organizers on the ground including me in virginia created this president. >> with a lot of help.
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>> volunteers helped. >> the media essentially his on board cheer leading squad. they checked their pompoms at the door. >> not the media. you're overstating the importance of the media. >> they still love him. >> in 2012 the media was shocked that he won by such a great margin. the organizers knew that he was going door to door getting those early votes. that's what matters is on the ground. >> i would not say shocked so much as overjoyed. watching them cry on camera. >> come on! >> there were reporters crying. i think they had to carry chris matthews to a hospital. >> they're human beings. >> well, at least you're admitting to bias. >> i'm not saying they're biased. i'm saying they're humans. >> the media doesn't ask specific questions about people, i don't know, boring care. for example, part time economy. that doesn't enter a reporter's mind because they're in d.c., full time jobs. they get to go to junkets and
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they get to have fun. they don't understand that our economy is turning into a part tame world. the media definitely doesn't understand that. i want to go back to something you were talking about in the previous segment about obamacare. it is easy in the abstract to not understand what it is like to have health insurance. i'm just out of law school and i don't have insurance. i'm looking forward to getting obamacare. >> i'm looking forward to you paying for everybody else. >> it is be free. one of the thing that is talked about, it is not free. i'm paying for it. >> you take penalty. you're getting screwed by the -- >> so it's better for me not to have health insurance? >> the business communicate, the individual is still on the hacking to get obamacare. >> we have to wrap this up. he is going to martha's vineyard. who is martha? seriously. she has a vineyard. big deal. >> very nice. my family goes every area to cape cod. i'm from the west coast.
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i don't know what martha's vineyard is. apparently she is a very important person. thanks. when we come back, conservatives continue to hammer the president over thing like his golf games and vacations. is that a turnoff to the american people? and then is your city the most unfriendly city in the country? you may be suprised to see which home towns made the list.
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before i get to the impact segment, this just in. martha from martha's vineyard is the daughter of the some morer bartholomew. so there you go. sweating the small stuff. as president obama packs up a suitcase for an eight-day
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vacation to martha's vineyard, some are using it to hammer him for his hipper than thou late night tv appearances. i think all this nitpicking distracts from the issues that really matter like the economy, obamacare, the list goes on and on. joining us now from macon, georgia, eric, i just think the jabs over vacations and golf take away from the bigger stuff. that helps the president in the long run. where i am a going wrong here? >> i think in and of themselves i would agree with you. overall they go to a larger narrative. take for example the president telling the republicans, in 2008, to go a knife fight with a gun. then it is no surprise the irs feels it has license to harass conservatives because of the president's rhetoric. or take his playing golf and going to martha's vineyard. in and of themselves are small ball. when you consider that washington seems out of touch and more than 70% of americans
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think the president and washington in general are really out of touch with ordinary lives, then together with these larger issues, i think they do play a role. >> you changed my mind. what am i going to do the rest of the segment? >> i don't know. i would say, greg, that there are too many conservatives who have gotten very shrill on these small issues. and the irs, they play into the irs, they play into baek, the president asleep at the wheel. do we even know where he was when benghazi happened? they in and of themselves are small issues but wrapped into these larger ones, i think it builds a greater picture. it panlints a picture of a president out of touch. >> the thing that bugs me is that vacations and golf provide alluring visuals as you're doing the story on. this very program in the last four minutes. if you keep relying on those photos, it gives you a way out of talking about the things that are potentially boring.
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like gas prices. like fracking which could be a huge recommended for society. it could lower gas prices and ease reliance on crazy nations. instead we show president obama eating an ice cream cone. >> exactly. because conservatives yell about these issues, the media, they don't want to talk about the issues that are impactful so they'll go after that. they'll dismiss conservatives as being angry and bitter. to the president eating ice cream and what not, i don't understand why republicans aren't on univision and telemundo and other outreach programs, focussing on tt fact that we used to create 3-1 full time to part-time jobs and because of obama, it is now 4-1 part time to full time. there are too many people yelling about martha's vineyard. >> if i were president of the united states, i would encourage as many little distractions as i cox i would eat ice kraem for
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breakfast. install a in air force one just so people could look at that while i go off and do other things sufficient as dismantling every government program. >> i think if you put an air force one -- >> that's true. don't conservatives end up falling to the boy who cried wolf syndrome? >> yes. >> some of these outrages, these little things are actually fairly legitimate. but because they crowd the field, the bigger issues, the bigger stuff, people tend to, they don't pay attention to it as much anymore. they are mad that we are paying for his trip. to africa. that ticks them off and they forget about these other things in which they're paying $4 to $5 a gallon in gas. >> i've written several times about this. one of these being the obama program that everyone today's to obama because of the video that surfaced and conservatives are so fixated on this they drop the
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ball on other issues. then when we got to benghazi, the press says these are these crazy conservatives. look at them. they go after the bush program and now this is some sort of incompetence. there is nothing wrong here. and the media wants to ignore these. the media wants an excuse to ignore these things and conservatives have been giving them too many excuses. >> there is a defense to this. the media and the left have been harping on conservatives and republican leaders for years with the same stuff. they play dirty. the idea of taking the high road means you're going to lose. can you without adopting those strategies, win. >> i think so. i think at the end of the day, the american people get really tired of the attack, attack, attack. george bush got reelected to a second term with a constant attack from the media and the democrats. in fact, many of the things the media won't report on barack obama, they would attack george bush for. he still managed to get
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reelected. conservative that's the they take the high road, once they have a critical issue, it resonates like the irs scandal, like obamacare. >> i'm actually heading to frank's vineyard. but it's just a pub down the street. darling of the left richard dawkins facing friendly fire after criticizing islam. where's the outcry when christianity is attacked? we'll examine the double standard. then it's war. as more and more restaurants ban kids. you know those little creatures? and more and more parents are fighting back. we hop0i0i@&@f q q0q?????j
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celebrity, he is under fair for mocking muslims. he wrote all the world's muslims have fewer nobel prizes than trinity college, cambridge. they did great things in the middle ages though. this has sparked outrage from the west. where is the liberal back lash when christianity is attack? why the double standard? joining us now, the founder of catalina magazine and a contributing editor to the "washington post." so dawkins tweet as sarcastic tweet about islam. there must be thousands like this on christianity from every american comedian. as nonreligious person yourself, are you okay with his right to
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free speech? >> as a journalist, of course. however, his tweet was very tacky. i don't actually believe in his right for tacky tweeting. and he realizes he mated a mistake because he had a retweet a million tweets to explain his original comment. so he knows he made a mistake. his organization knows he made a mistake and he is apologizing left and right without actually apologizing. >> that's the funny thing about it. he would never do it if it was christianity. he wouldn't have to. because it is muslims, why is that? >> but he has. he mocks religion. this is what he does. >> he's backtracking now because it is muslims. >> yes. because the world said he was a racist and it was discrimination. when he does it against krilgss no, one calls it racism or discrimination. so he does it but no one catches him. >> so you would agree with me that what we're seeing here is a double standard. you can do whatever you want to christians. if you do anything to muslims, you'd better watch out. you're being intolerant.
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it is intolerance when it is the muslims. it is just funny when you do it to christians. >> that's the way people are seeing it. >> people as in who? >> he says 50% of the people who have contacted him are against what he said and 50% of them, of the people are for him. so the masses are disagreeing with what he said. and liberals are very upset with him and followers and atheists are very upset with him. >> the reason why atheists -- of course they're upset with him. because he hit an aggrieved group. or a perceived aggrieved group that you can't do. if it was a christian organization of any kind, this would be no outcry. it would be retweeted. in this case, it is oh, my nongod, sorry, he would be supportive. if you mock islam, you are not supported. >> that's what this shows but he has done it a million time, he
1:36 am
has criticized christianity. this shows you have to be careful and more people pay attention. he does criticize all religions all the time. that's not my point. he gets away with it when he does the other ones. for example, take fred phelps. a crazy bunch of people in kangs. every comedian loves to go after that church. they live in a house, they're awful people. there are people who rented a house across the street and say they would never do that to an extremely radical mosque. >> i think atheists are very upset with upsetting ing ting ad getting away from religion in our schools and in our government. which is what dawkins is supposed to talk about. instead he is going after muslims which came out of nowhere, out of left field. and he is pick the wrong battle. that's not the battle the atheists want to fight. >> why are christians fair game? >> christians are the majority
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in the western world. so he is not really picking on a minority. he is picking on the majority. >> would you call muslims a minority? there are billions. >> not in the western world, absolutely not, they are not. >> until they actually become the majority, then we can start making fun of them. >>? i think so. that's the rule. >> what about penn gillette had a has said this, a lot of celebrities don't make fun of muslims because they don't want to day. >> that could be it. it is not a fight that you want to pick. it is an battle that you want to fate. they're telling him, focus on something else, dawkins. let's not focus on this. >> it so cowardly. i mean, theo vangogh was stabbed with a flag. >> while riding his bicycle in holland. >> why doesn't anyone say let's be honest, because you mate dig
1:38 am
die. we talked about prejudice, bigotry. the real bigotry is in the muslim religion, muslim supremacy. the belief that you are better than other people. >> that's what dawkins was actually saying and that's what he said. so you are actually agreeing with dawkins. >> does that mean i have to hide? do i have to run? >> maybe. tweet him, tweet him. >> i don't have a basement to hide in. >> thank you so much. when we come back, a new bill in california that would allow kids who are confused about their agendaer to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on the sex that they think they are. then first it was smokers. now it's the stroller set. some restaurants are banning kids and the turf war is getting ugly. moments away.
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thanks for staying with us. in the you've got to be kidding segment, three hot topics for the three most friendly and unfriendly surveys and a survey that says americans would rather die than live to 120. we start in california where the school bathroom bill, i hope that's not a person, heads to governor jerry brown's desk where it is expected to be signed into law. the legislation requires schools to allow gender confused students to use bathrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity.
1:43 am
let's hear why it is important to this legislator. >> we recognize in some cases, this is ground breaking legislation and it is an educational process for everybody. especially those less familiar with the fact of transgender people and transgender students. >> joining us from los angeles, the radio talk show host everybody any. i get this. it is supposed to prevent bullying but does this make this better or worse by making it known that they're using another bathroom? >> it makes it better, greg. i'm here in los angeles and i certainly hope my governor does sign this legislation. here's the thing. at the end of the day, whether you like the issue of transagendaered people or not, they are a real part of the american fabric. they're not going anywhere. if we can make it safer to matriculate through their classroom and hall ways, i think we absolutely should. >> here's a thing that's
1:44 am
interested. it doesn't require the stay tuned to live as the opposite gender. so as a devious teen growing up, i would tell girls that i am a girl trapped in a boy's body just so could i sneak into the girl's bathroom. i do that now at fox news. >> does it work? yes. gretchen carlson threw me out just last week. do you think this needs, this makes sense? >> well, the important thing, and listen. you are a piece of work. i don't want to make light of these young people. i've donated before to the trevor project for kids who have challenges about their sexual identity. it is a serious issue. what you just said is crucial. that there is no counseling needed. i suspect, and i often wonder, and i know this is a tough issue. i often wonder if these kids have been counselled, have they gotten psychological and psychiatric therapy. i'm not trying to say that they're necessarily mentally ill but these are young kids who are
1:45 am
struggling with a lot of this stuff. and ebony, i can't imagine it is not going to be a big hullabaloo for a girl to go into a boy's bathroom and a boy to go into the girl's bathroom. cause a lot more problems than it was intended. >> an actual shot of a boy's bathroom. in case haven't seen them. if you move slightly to the right, you will see greg jarrett. >> i smell pulitzer. >> this seems like it could create more problems. why don't they just make the bathrooms separate? just have unisex and avoid the whole problem? put in cameras. no, that would not work either. no. that definitely wouldn't work. >> i agree with one part of what mike said. i think we on like to see a counseling component. however, at the same time, in the meantime, there should be
1:46 am
some tens taken. if you look at the statistics of the amount of verbal and physical abuse that transgender students suffer in their schools, it is staggering. not good. something we need to make some type of concerted effort. >> this seems like a misguided attempt to deal with what is a very real problem. >> okay, the survey on friendliest and unfriendliest cities in the united states. new york, new jersey is the unfriendliest city. charleston, north carolina is the friendliest. most of these are in the south. is it because they still have manners or they are thriving cities unencumbered by intrusive government? >> yes and yes. one thing about austin, i would have to say. and i've spent a lot of time in charleston. i think you're right about the southern manners. austin is because they're all high. everybody is just friendly to everybody there. >> you're talking about the altitude in texas. eboni, the unfriendliest cities.
1:47 am
newark, new haven, when they say unfriendly, do they mean the most likely to get shot? >> i know. that's a bit scary. los angeles is on that list, too. i'm a los angeles transplant. i've been here three years and it did take some getting used to. i don't think they were the most welcoming to outsiders at first. i got the sense that you sort of needed to be vetted in the west versus in the south. no vetting necessary. we just welcome you with open arms. >> i have the benefit of having lived in albany for a couple years. albany, new york, is right there and i have to confess, you wouldn't exactly think of people in albany as being warm and inviting and necessarily friendly. there might be some merit to this list. >> there's not a lot to do in albany. people talk about the weather. it is not about the weather. oakland has amazing weather. the best way to see oakland is from a telescope. perhaps oregon or maybe the space station. any way, a new survey about
1:48 am
living to 120 and-on. americans' views on aging. the pugh research center poll found most americans wouldn't want a treatment that would let them live to be 120. 56% said no thanks. isn't the great thing about living to 120 is that with obamacare, you could be on your parents' insurance until you're 80? that's really cute, greg. that's a great point. when i saw, that so what? retirement is now 80? no. i think that there are some real concerns with that including the healthiness of what it would be like to be 120 years old in this country. >> the question is about the treatment. i don't know about you but maybe it is because i'm getting old and i have my hip replacement coming up. i really do. so i'm thinking a lot about my mortality. i would go 140. i don't want -- >> really? >> heck yeah. you want to die when you're 39? come on. let's go as long as we can go will. >> no. but i'll give it 85, 90. i think i'm good there. i think it is quality of life versus longevity.
1:49 am
>> no. >> get in it while you can. >> prop me up. keep me going. i'm in my low 100s. >> you're being selfish. when you think about it, once you're born in the span of the universe, there is no difference between 40 and 80. it is miniscule. 80 and 160, it is miniscule. what drives me nuts, it is funny listening to pro-choicers talking about longevity. they were lucky enough to enter the human race and there were millions who weren't able to make it to the starting line. like billionaire talking about their bonus. that's what drives me nuts. it is not about living longer. it is about living, period. >> let's just be alive. great job. thank you so much. don't forget about the insane bill o'reilly summer sale which has been a huge successful everything is marked down big time. a great place to stock up on gifts. and you will save a lot of money. i just purchased 15,000 bill o'reilly bobble heads to recreate the civil war battle scenes in my basement. i hope it's worth it.
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directly ahead, some restaurants are telling parents to leave their kids at home. we'll debate it.
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a food fight is exploding across the country after some restaurants have begun banning kids during certain hours. then kids' meltdowns are causing problems but the bad taste is upsetting many moms who think their precious snow flakes should be welcome everywhere. joining us, mother of five, god bless her. wendy murphy. is this a new kind of intolerance? like a bratty bigotry if you will? >> that's one way to frame it. i think it is mean-spirited. when kids are out of control, it is not the kids' fault.
1:54 am
they're like disabled people. they can be help it. they're 3. if you're going to punish anybody, punish the parents who aren't taking the responsibilities for the kids. forget the sign no kids no, bad parents allowed. i could go for that. i think they don't have a good entrepreneurial spirit. if they were smart, they would be happy to have me and my five kids in there no matter how much noise they make and they would give me a free martini and take kids out back while i enjoy my dinner. >> that's a good idea. you take all the kids and put them in a giant pool. here's the thing. i enjoy eating with children. i often show up at their birthday parties uninvited dressed as a clown. they make me leave. if i can't go to children's parties or children's events yrgs do they get to go to my restaurant? >> oh, listen. rst, old guys in clown suits are kind of creepy in a sex offender sort of way so don't do that again, okay? you know, i know that there's no
1:55 am
special law. you can discriminate against children except some states that have age discrimination laws. the question is just because there are a few kids who are terribly loud and annoying and spill food and run around and it ruins everybody's meals, you don't fix the problem by banning all kids. just an overstep and it is not necessary and it is bad business. you are a losing all the money from the parents like me who don't know how to cook. if we don't take our kids to the restaurant, they don't eat. so it is bad for children's nutrition. >> i kind of agree with you. i think there is a solution here. you can install these metal domes that come over the table where families are eating. maybe glass domes. the one thing you have to teach kids is how to may have in a public place. if you never take them to the restaurant, they're never going to learn. >> that's another good point. you have to teach kids to be in the real world and that includes the learning curve.
1:56 am
they should serve up a little benadryl with the apple sauce. i'm joking but what i'm saying is, there are only so many big problems when it comes to kids in restaurants. >> i have to go. >> overdoing it serves nobody. >> good luck with your family. well done. i have to take off. coming up, why is this man so chill? because you're paying for hi >> rca: a name you can trust for the latest innovation in hearing better: the rca's symphonix personal sound amplifier. >> the rca symphonix. >> symphonix! >> symphonix! >> our business is a very social business, and we're always talking over loud music. i would find myself missing things. >> and i'd go to restaurants, asking, "could you repeat that?" >> excuse me? >> since she's been wearing the rca symphonix, i think it's-- the communication has gotten a lot better. >> i hear, like, the leaves rustling. >> i can hear my boyfriend. >> for the first time, i could enjoy it all. >> it's crystal clear. >> it just made my life that much nicer. >> right now i can hear him. >> robin will testify.
1:57 am
it's made-- >> oh yes. >> --a change in my attitude. i've been much happier. >> it's an ear-opening experience. >> isn't it time you heard what's going on? now you can, with rca symphonix: the breakthrough personal sound amplifier that uses hd digital technology to distinguish speech from background noise. you'll hear more clearly and comfortably in large groups, crowded streets, office settings, watching tv, or at a restaurant with friends. sleek, lightweight, and virtually unnoticeable, rca symphonix fits comfortably behind either ear and lets you set the volume level and noise reduction that you need. just flip the switch, and you're all ears. and the rca symphonix rechargeable battery recharges while you sleep; so the next day, you'll have up to 15 hours of use time. call now to take advantage of our special purchase offer on an rca symphonix personal sound amplifier. you'll receive everything you need to begin hearing better, including the ultra-light symphonix and all of the ear pieces,
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accessories, and charger kit. try symphonix for a full 30 days, and if you're not absolutely delighted, send it back for a refund, no questions asked. plus call today to learn about getting a free symphonix cleaning care kit, a $29.95 value, as our gift to you. so call or go online now to learn more about this very special tv offer. rca symphonix: clearly better hearing. food stamps in this country are at a record high. with more than 47 million americans receiving the benefit. do all those people actually need the help? tonight at 10:00 p.m., the investigative team explores the great food stamp binge. here's a preview. >> the food stamp program was designed to be for a point in your life where you were down, thing weren't going well. it is not a point in your life. this is life for me.
1:59 am
>> yeah. this is how i live, man. cheap chicks, doing my thing. this is the way i want to live and i don't see anything changing. i got a paycheck coming in so i qualify. >> what would you say to somebody who is looking at this saying, i'm working hard, paying taxes so that jason can live his surfer lifestyle, be in his band and get $200 a month to buy good quality food. >> thanks. >> that man is an american hero. don't forget to check out the great food stamp binge. anchored by bret baier. before we wrap it up, some housekeeping. do not forget to check out my book, the joy of hateful if you buy one copy, you can purchase a second copy for exactly the same price. and that is it for us tonight. thanks for watching.
2:00 am
i'm greg gutfeld. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. tonight for the first time in over four months, president obama held a solo press conference taking questions on a wide variety of issues. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. earlier, our commander in chief spent most of his time at the podium talking about how he plans to have more trans papercy in his administration when it comes to the nsa surveillance program and while the obama administration would like all news outlets to spend their valuable air time to focus on his meager attempt to, quote, restore the public's trust,
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